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Summer school Modelling environmental resilience

Agroecology, Climate, Ecology, Ocean, Society

Paris, June 19-25, 2016

Photo Summer School Resilience Paris 2016, PSL-CERES

Group photo of the Summer School participants



This summer school, held in the heart of Paris at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), aims to bring together a group of 25 participants/with a strong interest in environmental science and/with backgrounds in quantitative sciences from across a range of disciplines (ecology, geosciences, physics, agronomy, economics, geography, etc). The objective is to expose the group to a number of views on the concept of “resilience” of environmental systems. The school offers in-depth courses on the meaning, modeling and/application of the idea of resilience in a range of environmental topics including ecology, oceanography, climate, agriculture, philosophy, anthropology and/geography. An important part of the summer school is the participation in one of the working groups, where participants/work together with one or more lecturers. The four main themes of the working groups are : Climate-economics, Ecology, Agro-ecology, Global carbon and/nutrient cycles. 

Objectives of the summer school

  • To develop a common culture of modeling environmental resilience
  • To explore a diversity of concepts of resilience
  • To critically examine research objectives and/methods
  • To establish a research community on environmental resilience
  • To stimulate the emergence of innovative, interdisciplinary research projects
  • To communicate complex ideas and/models to peers and/a broader audience


Main speakers and/themes

  • David Claessen (ENS, France) Agro-ecology
  • Mick Follows  (MIT, USA) Resilience of global carbon and/nutrient cycles 
  • Michael Ghil (ENS, France and/UCLA, USA) The mathematical foundations of resilience and/its applications to the climate sciences, ecology and/economics
  • André de Roos (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Resilience and/alternative stable states in ecological systems


Topical seminars speakers

Additional speakers include Judith Bronstein (Univ Arizona, AZ, USA), Margaret Evans (Univ Arizona, AZ, USA), Gäel Giraud (CNRS ; Paris School of Economics ; AFD), Benoit Hazard (EHESS, CNRS), Eric Malézieux (CIRAD), Albert Moukheiber (Hôpital de la Salpêtrière, CNRS), Samuel Rufat (Université de Cergy-Pontoise), Elisa Thébault (iEES Paris) and/Frédéric Worms (ENS).


Please see side menu concerning eligibility, fees, registration. etc.

The summer school is financially supported by PSL Reseach University Paris and/organised by CERES of the Ecole Normale Supérieure. PSL logos/width=



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